Flat water training session: Monday (Evening)

Posted by Jan Iven
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flat-water :: eau calme
weekly session :: séance hébdo
Date + time: 
Mon 3 July, 05:45
Aire-la-Ville or lake

In case there is interest (>=2 people on the Doodle), there will be a flat water kayak session on Monday evening (Aire-la-ville or lake, to be decided on the spot), meeting at 17:45 at the club. These sessions are mainly aimed at helping beginners progress with basic kayak control and paddle strokes, but also provide an option for a leisurely longer distance paddle for autonomous paddlers. This session is also be open to non-members, at a fee of 15 Euro per person per session.

Don't forget to fill in the doodle below (with your full name, and indicating if you won't pass by the club), before 17:00 Monday! If you just show up without being on the list, you risk being sent away.

Participants must bring a towel and a suitable change of clothing, as well as suitable closed footwear (to avoid cuts on the feet). We will try to get wet. If you need glasses, bring croakies; sunscreen might be agood idea, too - and perhaps something to drink afterwards.

Other equipment (boat/paddle/PFD) will be provided by the club.

Apologies for the last-minute announce.

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