John Ellis,Physicist,Theory
CERN physicist John Ellis in his office filling out our club subscription forms. (Image: CERN)

How to become a member

All good fun starts with some good paperwork. To become a club member, you will need to fill out the following forms and email them to Olivier Barriere at

  1. Subscription Form
  2. Swimming attestation
  3. Signed MAIF insurance form (to receive your FFCK license)
  4. Recent medical certificate from a doctor confirming you are fit to take part in water sports or self declaration form (every three years)
  5. Proof of payment (receipt from e-banking, for example)

Hint: New in town and don't know how to find a doctor? Try

There is no price for excellence...

...but there is a price for membership

Membership Pricing



3 Months

1 Day

Pack 4 outings


100 EUR

80 EUR

15 EUR

50 EUR

Student & senior over 60

60 EUR

40 EUR

10 EUR

40 EUR

CERNStaff Association members

-10 EUR


Joining as a family of 3 or more? Contact us for reduced family pricing.

Need extra insurance? There is an optional MAIF insurance (IA Sport +) for 11.85 EUR.

Bank transfer details are in the club's subscription form.

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Email listservs - How to subscribe

Step 1 - If you are not affiliated with CERN, Make yourself a CERN lightweight account.

(Note: If you are affiliated with CERN....get back to work! Just kidding, login with your CERN email and password.)

Step 2 - Choose your sports:

Step 3 - Click the ones you want and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Step 4 - Let the email spamming begin


Having trouble? Contact us and we'll help you out!

theorist,John Ellis,Office,Theory office
CERN physicist John Ellis debating if he's more of a surfski guy or play boater. Luckily, he can sign up for both! (Image: CERN)
theorist,John Ellis,Office,Theory office
Or maybe kayak polo? Might be a good way to blow off some steam after work. (Image: CERN)


Feeling overwhelmed?

You do not need to submit any paperwork for a trial session.

Join us on the water and bring 15 Euros, swimming clothes and water shoes.

We're also happy to answer any questions in person or over email.